I am a chef located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I have been woodworking since I was a young boy but was always under the impression you need a big shop with all the latest machines to do it. Living in Victoria is expensive and since I don’t have the space for a huge shop I wanted to learn how to do it without all the expensive machines and toxic finishes.

I started researching some of the traditional woodworking techniques and discovered that you can make just about anything using only hand tools. After cutting my first set of dovetails, chopping my first mortise and using a hand plane, I was hooked.

Something else I learned about hand tool woodworking is that it is common to customize and even make your own tools. This is where my love of woodworking and my love of chef knives collided. I started making custom handles and knife covers for my knives.

People in the kitchen saw them and wanted their own knives refinished. So now I offer the service of creating handcrafted knife handles and saya-knife covers. I do this using hand tools and natural materials with food contact safe finishes.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can breath new life into your knives.